Economics / Distribution

Muenzer Trading B.V.

Specialized in sourcing the best Used Cooking Oil (UCO) around the world for our factory!
Used Cooking Oil (UCO) and disposing of it in a responsible manner is the first contribution to a clean and healthy world.

from Waste

To make the world more healthy and sustainable for our upcoming generations, we need to reduce the CO2 value. To achieve this there is an European blend mandate for waste based biodiesel. Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is one of the main components for generating this waste based biodiesel.

Used Cooking Oil Purchase

Muenzer Trading B.V. is specialized in sourcing the optimum quality Used Cooking Oil (UCO) at a worldwide level. We thrive to obtain the Used Cooking Oil (UCO) that suits best the biodiesel requirements of our factory, developing solid and long term relationships with our suppliers.


Muenzer Trading B.V. operates and performs entirely within the sustainable parameters of ISCC regulation. We are constantly updated and active building a sustainable company.


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